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Brand Testing - Only the Holes Taste the Same

Branding may have more to gain from online testing than any other branch of marketing. Sure, some will claim that testing’s sweet spot is in offer or copy optimization. But branding will literally be set free by testing.

How? First, a quick story:

At the GEL Conference earlier this year, Ji Lee, a former.....

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Do Your Home Page Tests Flop? We Know Why...

Do Your Home Page Tests Flop? We Know Why...

“I run a lot of home page tests, and they always come back 50-50!”

I heard this question from the audience during a great panel a few weeks back with Timberland, Red Envelope and The Discovery Channel talking about their experience with testing.

The q.....

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Scientific Web Site Optimization Using AB Split Testing, Multi Variable Testing, And The Taguchi Method

You have a great idea for a different page layout, some new copy or image, or a promotion that will give your site the kick in the pants it needs to break through stagnant conversion. You want to make the change, but you have been through this drill before. Some efforts make things better, some of them don't, and for the rest, i.....

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Landing Page Optimization Techniques Lower Acquisition Costs

Any marketer that has been involved in search engine marketing and search engine optimization understands the never-ending quest to attract customers at a reasonable cost. With acquisition costs that can rise to $60 to $100 per customer or more, there is a constant demand for better word lists, better bidding, and better ad copy.....

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How to Maximize Holiday Search Spend: 7 Practical Tips from Offermatica and Fathom Online

While paid search prices have dipped slightly in some categories compared to last year, holiday traffic is far from inexpensive.

Savvy marketers are fine–tuning all parts of their PPC strategies – from bid placement to creative through to the ultimate sale – in order to maximize revenue this holiday season. But what ar.....

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All Conversions Are Not Created Equal

Remember when online success was measured in ´eyeballs?´ Turned out revenue and profitability per customer mattered more. Some folks are risking the same mistake with testing.

So if you have an ecommerce site running a test online, and your main measurement is conversions, you may actually be placing more.....

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