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Test Your Web Site Design Plan in Advance

Many website owners make one very big and costly mistake. They wait until their website is live on the Internet to start the testing process. Don't make that mistake. You can test out your blueprint before you construct your website by simply using some free tools and your imagination.

1) Who are your potential websi.....

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Masters of Seduction

When was the last time you seduced someone, successfully, by giving them a list of benefits and a deadline? Somehow, you know it wouldn't work.

Instead, you'd focus on the object of your attention. You'd choose your words carefully to build intrigue. You would create an atmosphere that makes you welcome company again.....

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Offending the High Priests of Hard Sell

Marketing strategist Jack Trout says "Differentiate or Die" in his book of the same name. Ries dubs it positioning. No matter who says it, the bottom line .....

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There Are So Many People Making Ridiculous Claims These Days

Peering down the little side street, the man noticed a little shop near the end of the street. How had he never noticed it before? Curiosity beckoned, and he stepped down the side street eagerly.

A bell jingled as the man pulled open the heavy glass door in anticipation. A rather rumpled looking clerk hurried to gree.....

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Bill Gates Doesn't Rule The Internet?

For a long time, Internet Explorer dominated the "browser" market with over 80% of Internet surfers using some version of Internet Explorer.

Many designers and webmasters stopped worrying about programming their webpages to be compatible with other browsers (like Netscape) or other operating systems (like the Mac and.....

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