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3 Things To Do When Your Promo Copy Completely Bombs

I confess. To a fault, I hate making mistakes.

I hate getting the wrong answer. I hate dropping the ball. Most of all, I hate looking like a fool.

Maybe you can sympathi.....

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The Best Resolution You Can Make This Year

"A resolution," says a quote from somebody I don't
recall, "is a thing that goes in one year and out the

So true.

I don't know if you make New Year's resolutions.

I do. And true to the above quote, I don't manage to
keep all of them. That doesn't mean it's a wasted

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How Split Tests Can Be Good For Your Web Site Conversion Rate

Direct marketing professionals don´t guess. They base their decisions on statistics and calculate what their return on their investment will be. They rarely get it wrong because of what is known as split testing or test runs. Why then do web ´professionals´ rarely if ever pay attention to this incredibly powerful strategy? This .....

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Measuring Landing Pages: What You Don´t Know Would Make A Great Book

´What´s in it for me?´ you ask. ´Why should I measure how people use my website? How does it help and what does it all mean?´ The purpose of this article is to try to give you some insight into effective web measurement and to talk about the most important page of any website, the landing or home page.

Why measure at.....

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Without Conversion Rates You Don´t Know If You´re Mickey Mouse Or Mickey Mantle

I couldn´t agree more with the headline of this article and it´s one I´m afraid I can´t take credit for. I found this line in Paco Underhill´s book, Why We Buy ´ The Science Of Shopping, and found myself comparing many of the things he has measured in the retail world to the tests I´ve d.....

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Can This Tested Technique Improve Poor Web Lead Generation Rates?

Are you getting visitors to your Web site but not converting enough of them into qualified leads, customers or subscribers? This is a very common problem. The point of this article is to explain the benefits of adding an opt-in section to your Web site and show proof in the form of a measured experiment the Conversion Chronicles.....

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