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Is Google Analytics Good For The Internet Marketing Industry?

First they gave us a good search engine. Then they gave us two gigabytes of free server space for email. Now they have given us a high quality web analytics system, for free. Let me just repeat that. They have given us a web analytics system FOR FREE. So whatís this system like? What are its features and how do I see it affectin.....

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How Web Analytics Helped Find A Million Dollar Hole

Iím often asked how we go about using web analytics to really pinpoint problems that make the tools worth the investment. Many people are dubious when asked to fork out $50,000 a year to have reports about how people visit their website. What Iím about to describe is a situation where one of our clients could potentially earn $1.....

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Reality Branding - Are You Taking Advantage Of The 40 Year Social Pendulum?

I watched Roy Williams in a quite literally amazing presentation about society's 40-year Pendulum recently. His presentation was a delightful hidden bonus in the agenda from the Call to Action seminar hosted by Bryan and Jeff Eisenberg at the Wizard of Ads Academy 1 in Buda, Texas.


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How To Set The Scenario To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Do you have great numbers of well qualified traffic coming to your website but disproportionately low numbers of sales? How about paid registrations? We have worked with a number of customers who have the same issue. Upon reviewing their websites there doesn´t appear to be anything wrong at first glance. The sites look pro.....

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Do you need to write compelling headlines that also improve your search engine optimization strategy?

If you need to improve your search engine visibility and write more compelling headlines for real people then this article is for you. By writing the headlines that actually appeal to a human being while also improving your search engine visibility you can greatly improve the quality of visitor that arrives at your website. By a.....

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Do you find choosing a web site analytics tool for your business a bit like digging a hole with a hammer?

Have you ever tried using a hammer to dig a hole? Or a shovel to pull out a nail? If you have, you´ll know why it´s so important to use exactly the right tool for the job. And what´s true for carpenters or gardeners is equally true for web-based businesses.

People often ask me to recommend web site .....

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