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The Old Farmerís Mascara

Finding Your Audience in the Age of Web Analytics

Marketers have always grouped their target audiences into different types of people based on various criteria. For instance, they might group people based on their age, gender, or geographic location. This is so that they can begin to figure out who the bes.....

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Is Your Web Analytics Strategy Driving Momentum Or Driving You Mad?

I recently had the pleasure of working with Jim Sterne, speaking at the eMetrics summits in London and Munich. In both cities it seems the attendees had the same problems. They know they need web analytics, which is good. And they had the tools, which is also good. But they didnít know what to measure, and seemed overwhelmed by .....

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Improve Your Communication To Improve Web Conversion

The following questions were asked by Jennifer LeClaire for's upcoming book Sell Now. I thought that Conversion Chronicles readers might like to see what I answered before anyone else.

How does one design a web site for results?

The correct answer is ďIt dependsĒ. Allow me to e.....

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How To Reduce Single Page Accesses Or Bounce Rates On A Content Website

We have a problem that Iím about to share with you. In case you donít know our site (The Conversion Chronicles), is a content website designed from our point of view to convert visitors into subscribers. As our website has increased in popularity due largely to improved visibility on search engines, our bounce rate or single pag.....

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Speak To The Dog, About What Matters To The Dog, In The Language Of The Dog

This article is a transcript of my answers to questions posed by Chris Lake of from December 2005. Hopefully you will find the grilling I got useful!

What are the most important factors that influence conversion rates?

A joint.....

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Book Review - The Big Book Of KPI's by Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson for those of you who don't know is one of the most respected names in the web analytics industry. The author of three books, this short review details what I think is good about his latest offering, the Big Book of KPI's.

KPI's are not the easiest subject to write about

I mean let's face it.....

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