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When Keywords Don't Deliver

If you’ve been working with keyword optimization for a while, you know there are times when some great keywords drive tons of traffic to your site, but the resulting conversion rate is terrible.

I have spent many an hour scratching my head, wondering how it is that I’m pulling in tons of visitors with a very relevant k.....

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Helping Your Visitors: a State of Mind

What does “helping your visitors” mean exactly?

It means writing your sites, newsletters and emails in such a way as to help each visitor achieve his or her goal.

That may sound like a simple task, but it isn’t. Before you can write in a way that helps your visitors, you have to recognize and achieve a number o.....

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How to Write a Landing Page

Is there a difference between writing a landing page and any other web site page? Yes and no. But mainly, yes.

You still have to work within the fundamentals of good writing and copywriting. And you still have to recognize the differences between writing for paper and writing for a monitor.

However, there.....

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