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How Adjectives Can Kill Your Conversion Rate

The billboard featured a close-up of a large slice of steaming pizza. And the headline said: “Ooey Gooey Pizza.” A woman walking by (and this is a true story taken from a respected medical journal) read the billboard and then promptly lurched into some nearby bushes to throw up.

Now, granted, this was a pretty severe re.....

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Is a “nicey-nice” attitude holding back your copywriting?

I regret to report that when I was in high school, I was one of those geeky people on the debating team. I didn’t have glasses or a pocket protector, but I had the falling down socks and the intense demeanour. Much as I regret those days, I can tell you that my husband regrets them even more.

Whenever we have a discuss.....

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How to write copy that people actually want to read

You’re sitting at the kitchen table with your 16-year-old son. “Listen, Jason,” you say. “I’m tired of the way your room is always a mess. And do you realize, you never help with the chores and you’re always rude and sullen to the rest of the family?”
STOP! Freeze frame! You’re still at the kitchen table with your son, but.....

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