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Website Analytics and Testing Articles

Measurement (using web site analytics tools) and testing is one of the most important aspects in online marketing and is the most often overlooked. Client after client come to us without a decent tracking system and wonder why they aren't selling as well as they could be. You have to be very lucky to get it right first time, so measure and test everything you do. These articles will hopefully show you what and how to do that.

The Old Farmer’s Mascara

Finding Your Audience in the Age of Web Analytics

Marketers have always grouped their target audiences into different types of people based on various criteria. For instance, they might group people based on their age, gender, or geographic location. This is so that they can begin to figure out who the bes.....

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Brand Testing - Only the Holes Taste the Same

Branding may have more to gain from online testing than any other branch of marketing. Sure, some will claim that testing’s sweet spot is in offer or copy optimization. But branding will literally be set free by testing.

How? First, a quick story:

At the GEL Conference earlier this year, Ji Lee, a former.....

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Is Your Web Analytics Strategy Driving Momentum Or Driving You Mad?

I recently had the pleasure of working with Jim Sterne, speaking at the eMetrics summits in London and Munich. In both cities it seems the attendees had the same problems. They know they need web analytics, which is good. And they had the tools, which is also good. But they didn’t know what to measure, and seemed overwhelmed by .....

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Do Your Home Page Tests Flop? We Know Why...

Do Your Home Page Tests Flop? We Know Why...

“I run a lot of home page tests, and they always come back 50-50!”

I heard this question from the audience during a great panel a few weeks back with Timberland, Red Envelope and The Discovery Channel talking about their experience with testing.

The q.....

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Know These Three Performance Metrics to Increase Website Sales

As Internet business owners, we are bombarded with advice on how to manage, market and grow our businesses. Because of the sheer volume of information, we are forced to weed through the “need to know” versus the “nice to know.” We realize that identifying the “need to know” is essential to achieving our goals.

Think abo.....

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