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Increasing web site conversion rates is not an art form reserved for those who are exceptionally talented, any business prepared to put the work into the job can do it by scientifically measuring and testing. Feel free to find out specific methods and advice in this growing archive of articles.
We currently have 146 articles in our archives related to improving conversion rates. There are links to more pages of articles at the bottom of each page.

The Best Resolution You Can Make This Year

"A resolution," says a quote from somebody I don't
recall, "is a thing that goes in one year and out the

So true.

I don't know if you make New Year's resolutions.

I do. And true to the above quote, I don't manage to
keep all of them. That doesn.....

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Symbiosis and the Simple Secret of Authenticity

Every year around this time, I go to a copywriting summit at a chateau in "Deep France."

Deep France - La France Profonde - is a region where cows outnumber people... geese go direct from yard to paté platter... and, at night, crickets staff the local symphony.

This is a plac.....

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Is Great Advertising Art Or Science

"I warn you against believing," said advertising genius Bill Bernbach, "that advertising is a science."

Now, now...

Keep your hands off your holsters there, cowboy. I know them's fightin' words...

Especially to us, disciples of Claude Hopkins' "Scientific Advertising" t.....

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How To Play With People's Minds To Get Them To Do Things Against Their Will

(well Ok not really!)

I'm about to show you some alarmingly powerful psychological techniques that persuade people to do things...

Even if they don't know how or why they're being persuaded to do them.

But before you get the wrong idea...


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Why Problem Based Positioning Is A Psychological Magnet

Are you struggling to create a memorable positioning statement or USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for your marketing? Do you want to stand out from your competition, but the uniqueness of your business seems to elude you? Here´s a sneaky, vital secret that turns conventional marketing psychol.....

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