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Increasing web site conversion rates is not an art form reserved for those who are exceptionally talented, any business prepared to put the work into the job can do it by scientifically measuring and testing. Feel free to find out specific methods and advice in this growing archive of articles.
We currently have 146 articles in our archives related to improving conversion rates. There are links to more pages of articles at the bottom of each page.

Improved Pay-per-Click Marketing Performance from Time-Tested 80/20 Principle

As marketers and business owners, we´re always looking for ´the next big idea or strategy´ to maximize our business performance. Yet, the application of time-tested principles consistently achieve greater results over efforts to create newer ideas and strategies.


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How Knowing What NOT To Say and Show In Your Web Copy Boosts Results

Writers spend a lot of time staring at the blinking cursor... wondering what to say.

This is especially true when copywriters start working with Internet marketers. After all, it's a new medium. Don't we have to find whole new things to say to reach the new market?

Here's the.....

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Do You Want to Inform or Persuade?

The process we use to plan persuasive elements of a Web site is called persuasive architecture. It is the organization of the buying and selling processes married to the information flow. The focus is persuading visitors to take action. It's similar to information architecture, which involves the de.....

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The Long And Short Of It Is That These Two Sales Techniques Are The Same

With the Internet beginning to stand up and be counted as an online business medium, many are beginning to realize that selling online is not only possible, but very profitable. People are seeking ways to improve their sales technique online and close on more of their website visitors. It was bound .....

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Masters of Seduction

When was the last time you seduced someone, successfully, by giving them a list of benefits and a deadline? Somehow, you know it wouldn't work.

Instead, you'd focus on the object of your attention. You'd choose your words carefully to build intrigue. You would create an atmosphere that m.....

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