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Increasing web site conversion rates is not an art form reserved for those who are exceptionally talented, any business prepared to put the work into the job can do it by scientifically measuring and testing. Feel free to find out specific methods and advice in this growing archive of articles.
We currently have 146 articles in our archives related to improving conversion rates. There are links to more pages of articles at the bottom of each page.

The Art of the Pay-per-Click Start ´ Round 1 of 2

Setting up a pay-per-click campaign is simple, right? Practically all paid search engines especially the top-tiered ones like Google Adwords and Overture provide extensive training materials. It is advertised that in less than three hours, you can select your keywords, write your ads and have a ca.....

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Are Your Prospects ´Walking Out´ on You?

After 11 years in sales, I´ve put together and delivered more sales presentations, briefings, and demos than I care to remember. But the nice thing about repetition is that after a few dozen presentations you get very good at reading body language.

You can easily tell when the au.....

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New Virus Found Sweeping The Internet Known As ´The Cookie Monster´.

Web sites across the world have reported strange statistical anomalies caused by a virus dubbed ´The Cookie Monster´ mimicking real people. It appears that for an infected website every real person arriving will be ´cloned´ by the virus by a reported 46.2 times. This obviously has a devastating effe.....

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How Measuring Key Performance Indicators Can Improve E-Commerce Strategy. Part one.

The problem with most e-commerce marketing strategy today is that companies don´t understand how they use things like web analytics. Most e-commerce directors or web marketers are given a budget and told to stick to it, and good analytics don´t usually come cheap. Without web analytics y.....

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Traffic, Visitor, And Customer Analysis - Percent Single Page Access

What it is: Single Access Page Visits divided by Entry Page Visits for a page

The Single Access Page report counts visits to a specific page where it was the only page looked at, and pages are ranked by number of visits. This is very much like Read more

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