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Web Site Conversion Assessment

Do you have a website which is not performing as you would like? Are hundreds of your visitors leaving your website without getting in touch?

The assessment critiques (based on our experience) 9 key areas of your website with a focus on how they effect conversion rates and also includes a full search engine analysis, meaning we´ll point out specific problems with the pages you have in relation to search. It´s a first step in determining whether we can help you and costs ´997.

If you´re not happy with the report, simply tell us why and you pay nothing. That's a 100% guarantee. We don´t accept all assessments
because they are time consuming and we can only physically do 30 per month. Therefore the best time to apply for a critique is the beginning of the month.

What they say.....

Thank you for your honest assessment on my site. I did not find one point where I disagree with what you said in your report.
Andreas Zabczyk
SETTGold Ltd

"Here's what I have to say about the Assessment: WOW! Thanks so much. I can clearly see everything you say. Amazing work. I had no idea you intended to put so much time into the review; I was expecting a couple of paragraphs that may or may not have been useful. Instead, I got a packet of information, all of which was directly related to our site."
Laree Draper
Iron Online

"It's one thing to read the same principles in generic literature and articles available on the chronicles site, but for some reason it's so much more eye-opening to have someone else apply the same criteria to your site specifically. Excellent analysis and suggestions."
Matt Krause
Home Sick Turk Ltd.

"Thanks very much for your conversion assessment. It's obvious a lot of time and thought went in to it. I've read through it once and like your ideas."
Jim King
Custom Creations Unlimited

"We were only trying to increase our conversion rate by 50%, but you make me feel we can triple it. I see now why your site has such a high conversion rate."
African Rainbow Tours LTD
South Africa

"Scott, my coauthor, forwarded me your thorough, professional analysis of our site. I have no doubt that your feedback will dramatically accelerate our sales. Thank you so much for your time and consideration."
David Teten
The Virtual Handshake
Online Business Networks Inc

"Please allow me to deeply thank you for the tremendous report you created for us. Already I can see in my mind's eye the 'before and after' treatise and the overwhelming impact it will have. Your report was a huge eye-opener for me. It pinpointed precisely the areas that needed attention. Truly, I owe you a great deal for making my job so much easier. Just marvellous, worth ten times the price we paid."
Andrew Oscianko
Web Designer
Geelong, Vic.

Website analysis

Our analyst goes to the URL you specify and emails a complete technical and marketing objective analysis of the current situation. The initial report will simply highlight areas you might need want to change in order to improve your conversion rate. This is the tip of the iceberg and is designed to demonstrate our skills before a full service, so please take this opportunity and give us the URL.

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