The Conversion Chronicles, resources for improving your online conversion rates

The People Behind Conversion Chronicles

The Conversion Chronicles has evolved from the basic ideas that Aboavista (formerly H & J Consulting Ay) founded it's business idea on in 2002. We figured that businesses like you can and should at the very least be treating the web as an efficient marketing tool. You should be able to tell your shareholders, boss or whomever you answer to how many people per month are going to become your prospects or customers. Consistently. If you can't then you should talk to us.

The Direction

Steve Jackson - CEO

Steves' experience with business to business marketing and web programming is an invaluable asset and he is responsible for laying out
the groundwork for customer web strategies as well as developing the products which the company sells. He is also a contributing writer and the editor of the Conversion Chronicles as well as the author of the book Learn Before You Spend, 6 ways to measure web traffic.

Steve Jackson
Phone: +358 50 343 5159

Kalle Heinonen - COO

Kalle holds a Bachelor of Arts honours in IBML (International Business and Marketing Logistics), speaks several languages and has a wide variety of marketing roles in the past five years. His business logistics skills, operations experience, marketing knowledge and business knowledge of Aboavista's local area are the key assets he brings to the organisation.

Kalle Heinonen
Phone: +358 456 716 010

Pasi Heinonen CTO

Pasi has joined Aboavista coming from working in some of the biggest companies in the world including Nokia and Fujitsu. He is a highly respected professional in server platform administration, programming and scripting languages, relational databases and object architectures. He brings the technical experience and expertise required to project manage as well as develop highly sophisticated information based applications.

Pasi Heinonen
Phone: +358 50 364 4537