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The One-Thought Factor: Why It Wins Out Every Time

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Always the bridesmaid. Never the bride.

Not that I wanted to be a bride (Heaven forbid!)

I just wanted to win the darned cartoon contest.

You see, I used to be a cartoonist. And no matter how many competitions I entered, I'd always end up in second or third place.

If I made it to the top three at all...

"Surely," I thought. "Surely there must be a way to win the cartoon competitions time after time."

And so I studied the winners.

The winning cartoon wasn't funnier

You'd think the funniest cartoon would win. Or the best drawn one would get the judge's attention.

Yet while all of the rib-tickling, great art made a di
fference, these factors alone didn't clinch the big prizes.

But when used in combination with one more factor, the laughs plus the art, created winners after winners.

What on earth could that differential factor be?

The answer: One thought. The one thing. TOT.

You see, I thought, like most others did, that if I drew many cartoons on the same page, the judges would see the wealth of my skills. They'd appreciate my talent and I'd race home with my coveted first prize.

Yet when I did just one cartoon; spent all my time working on that one illustration, I'd end up with winner after winner after winner.

Why did this one-thought factor work so much better?

The one-thought factor allowed the judges to concentrate on just one idea. If the idea had a great joke; if it had great illustration style, the one thought would cause the judges to immediately short list the cartoon and eventually bestow winner-status on it.

And it wasn't better for just the judges

It was better for me as well. I could take the allocated time and think about the concept for at least half an hour. Having just one thought, allowed me to scribble down roughs. To plan the artwork. To refine the punch line. And to knock the competition out of the water.

Are you ready to knock the competition out?

If you are, let's get down to the one thought. What's the one thought on your website? What's the one thought in your sal*es pitch? What's the one thought that makes your customers sit up and take notice?

So before you start your marketing activity, just ask yourself one question. What do I want the customer to do as a result of what I've just said? What's the next step?

Then make it easy for the customer to take that next step. Remove all the possible risk. All the nasty hurdles.

And watch as your customer chooses you over the competition, simply because the customer instantly understands the biggest reason why they should do business with you.

Like the judges, the customer totally gets the picture. And you get to walk away with the trophy, time after time.

Like I did.

Personal Experience:

When I write an article, I always boil down the article to one word. Or one phrase. If you look at all the articles on 5000bc, you'll find they boil down to single phrases such as 'choice' or'stop-doing list' etc.

I start with one word/phrase and work my way upwards. This way when you read the article, only one thought comes through.
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