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Removing The Maybe Factor In Your Copy

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The world's best copywriter has an admission to make.

No, I'm not talking about me (Modest, aren't we?). I'm talking about the world's best copywriter, whoever he or she is. And this is what the world's best copywriter doesn't know.

He/She doesn't know the final stumbling block in the brain of the customer. So what is the final stumbling block? And how can you smoothen the path for a customer?

Let's say your client is sucked in by the copy

Let's assume for a moment, the client absolutely loves the product/service being offered. The copy moves their being, tickles their grey cells and they're ready to swipety-swipe their credit card

And then the client has one question

One darned question. Yup, that's el stumbling blocko. Now what does your client do? Their brain backs up a bit, and puts off the decision for another day. It's not like they won't come back to buy. No, that's not it. If they've read the entire copy, there's a pretty good chance they'll come back to buy.

But hey, the client, is on the Internet

Bouncing away like a little rubber ball. And bounce, bounce, bounce and they're away from your site, to another site, where they find a similar product/service. And horrors, you've lost the business forever.

Ok, so that's a nasty picture I've drawn up

Maybe the client will come back instead. Maybe is a the scariest five letter word in the dictionary. So how about reducing the maybe factor, by giving a a client the chance to talk back to you?

Yes, like a simple feedback form

Nothing fancy. Just simple feedback. See examples of the feedback form (You'll need to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the form. So yeah, keep scrolling till you hit almost dead bottom. (You'll find it right above my signature)

Nothing fancy in the form

I just use my autoresponder service to set up the form. And bingo, when someone is slightly unsure, they simply fill in the form, and bingo, I get their question. When I get their question, I respond quickly. And as a result remove the one roadblock; the final maybe factor that the client has in her brain. And both the client is happy and so am I.

Footnote: Where do you get a form. It's simple cgi, that your webmaster can help create for you. Or you can use it via an autoresponder service. Or you can create a form using a tutorial such as this one.

Because the world's best copywriter (whoever she or he is) doesn't know what one bizarre maybe factor will block the sale. So duh, don't guess. Use the form.

Footnote to footnote: And yes, if you find that the client has a valid question, make sure you add the answer to that question in your copy. You don't want to leave questions unanswered.

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Sean DAuthor: Sean D'Souza, CEO - PsychoTactics Ltd.

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