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Offending the High Priests of Hard Sell

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Marketing strategist Jack Trout says "Differentiate or Die" in his book of the same name. Ries dubs it positioning. No matter who says it, the bottom line is that if you can't differentiate your business from the competition, you're on borrowed time.

But, how to do it? How, indeed?

At risk of offending the high priests of hard sell, I dare to believe that humans are deeply conversational beings. That something at our very core responds to the storyteller. To mental images boldly painted in the colors of honesty and truth.

There are thousands of newspapers published across North America and over 11,000 magazines in circulation. And
thus, it follows that there are thousands upon thousands of journalists and writers desperately seeking stories with which to feed a nation of hungry eyes in order to feed themselves.

Readers of Upclose Magazine were moved by the story of Lisa Rombado, who lost 75 lbs and rediscovered her self confidence and dreams. Recently signed with a Houston modeling agency, Lisa says;

"Robin Anthony gave me back my LIFE."

And the world listened when Forbes said;

"Don't get fooled into buying "kona blends" ... The genuine article is grown on the Big Island, home of volcanic soil, high elevation and abundant morning sunshine. For the freshest coffee experiences, order from Koa Plantation in Captain Cook; it's a family-run operation."

When Koa's sales shot from 30,000 pounds per year to 700,000 pounds per year... when customers ask Robin for "what Lisa took" ... rest assured it is not because of the genius of brilliant AD copy.

It is because, in a world bombarded with advertising messages sprayed out like Raid on an ant hill, there are a few people who understand that communication is the core of conversion.

People who understand that when the horses line up at the gate, even the best contender needs the right jockey. Time and again, they step back, place their customers on the back of the proverbial PR pony and ride with the wind as the competition eats their dust. Will you be one of them?
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