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Masters of Seduction

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When was the last time you seduced someone, successfully, by giving them a list of benefits and a deadline? Somehow, you know it wouldn't work.

Instead, you'd focus on the object of your attention. You'd choose your words carefully to build intrigue. You would create an atmosphere that makes you welcome company again and again.

But, this is not seduction, you remind yourself. It's business. Pencil in hand, you scratch down features and benefits. Perhaps a discount? A deadline?

Unless you're J. Peterman, of course. Then you'll write;

Men´s trousers from 1940, adapted to a woman´s body. Fluid, sensual, elegant silk t
will. It drapes beautifully, moves one millisecond later than you move, then continues moving one millisecond after you´ve stopped. As every man who isn´t dead yet has noticed, women who dress this way could never be confused with a man.

People would respond with wild abandon. You would be copied and parodied. Perhaps appear on a sitcom, even. If you were J. Peterman, of course.

If you're the wizard of words at Lush, you'd write

The After 8:30 gift is for people who would love to share a bar of chocolate over dinner, but would prefer to do without the calories. This one isn't for eating, although it is made with the finest Belgian chocolate scented with stimulating peppermint oil; it is for melting and massaging on your favorite dinner guest. Try to wait until the others have gone home...

Customers would not only massage it on their favorite dinner guest, they'd massage it on themselves. They'd call their massage parlour to ask if they can bring their own massage bar. If you were the copy writer for Lush, of course.

According to the National Sales Executive Association, only 2% of sales are made on first contact. Clearly, you need to entice people into repeat contact, yes?

According to Mr. Webster, seduction is defined as - enticement, and enticement means arousing hope or desire.

Isn't that what you wanted to do in the first place?
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