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Knowing The Difference Between Web Copy And Web Content

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What is the difference?

Many web sites do not make a distinction between web copy and web content. If your website does not make this distinction and follow simple guidelines then you´re heading for trouble. A little time and effort spent in making the distinction and getting your copy and content correct will improve your websites usability, navigation and conversion rates.

Web Copy

Web copy is that part of the sites text which is designed to persuade you to do something or take some action. It may be the link saying ´subscribe now´ or ´find out about our after sales service´. It may be the opening pa
ragraph on the first page of your website which persuades your users to do what you want them to do. Your title headings are copy, your links to reassurances about privacy, shipping and warranties are copy. It is copy that guides your browser through your pages so you should make it as powerful psychologically if it's a headline as you possibly can.

Web Content

Web content is the part of your website which you want or need your browsers to read. Articles are content, your after sales service description, your specifications page, a page with contact details in fact anything which describes something in detail. However content does not simply impassively provide information. To improve conversion your content should solve your browsers problem, answer their questions and then your copy should kick in again to get them to continue to the next level of your persuasive process.

Copy and content go hand in hand, it would be wasteful if when copywriting the persuasion is superb but then is let down by woeful content but on the flip side if you have tremendously engaging and exciting content which the user isn´t persuaded to see by poor copy then the content writing has been a waste of time.

For instance in reading this article you will have completely agreed with me and will be vigourously nodding your head. Now I'm going to move back to the copy part because I don't want to leave you not knowing what to do next!
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