The Conversion Chronicles, resources for improving your online conversion rates

Improving Conversion Through Research: Bringing scientific strategies to your online marketing

Online marketing is similar to direct marketing in that everything can be measured and tested. In order to test your online marketing you need a system first to measure and then to test. What we do is provide first the measurement systems and second the expertise to improve your online marketing strategy in order to increase customer lead generation and sales. If we were to work with you we would implement our service plan in optional stages.

Conversion Improvement Report (3 working day turnaround)

This is an assesment of how your web site is converting today, what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong and what action you can ta
to improve your web site conversion rates. A way to begin being more scientific about your online marketing without spending a fortune.

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The Web Measurement MPEGs

Steve Jackson, Editor of the Conversion Chronicles speaks to Sean D'Souza of Psychotactics in an hour and a half teleconference about web measurement and online marketing strategy.

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Measurement System - IRIS Metrics

IRIS (Internet realtime information system) is a web analytics solution which we use to measure how visitors use your website. We would start our service plan with you by installing IRIS on your website.

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The Conversion Workshop

The Conversion Workshop is where we work with you to clarify just what it is that needs to be done to improve your online marketing strategy. It's a critical planning phase which takes the information from IRIS metrics uses that information to best plan your strategy.

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Conversion Optimize

Conversion Optimize is an implementation of plans laid out in the workshop to your existing website or a new one which we build to the specification we agree on. This fourth stage can only be done in conjunction with The Conversion Workshop.

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