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IRIS - Showing you how visitors interact with your website

IRIS (Internet realtime information system) is a web analytics solution which we use to measure how visitors use your website. We would start our service plan with you by installing IRIS on your website.

Measurement is highly important to see how visitors use your website.

It measures how they get to your site, what they do when they arrive and allows us to make informed decisions based on facts and real analysis.

Without a measurement tool you can't see what you need to do to improve your conversion rate. IRIS allows to see where people leave, figure out why and act accordingly.

What our customers say...

"I have only had my
site trial set up on IRIS for two days and I can already see more about what has been happening on my website than in 14 months with my previous traffic statistics package. You´ve got me as a customer for sure. Great work! Bravo!"

Michael J. Webb
Sales Performance Consultants, Inc.
Oak Park, IL

Visit the IRIS website and view the demo