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The Old Farmer’s Mascara

Segmenting data is one of the most insightful ways to use web analytics tools. This article discusses ways in which you can practically start to segment your audiences using web analytic tools.

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Beyond guidelines: Advanced Accessibility Techniques

Accessability is very important, especially for readers who may have difficulties seeing the text, however there are some good tips here to help layout articles aand web pages generally.

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How Adjectives Can Kill Your Conversion Rate

When I read this article at first I felt inclined to argue with Daphne's take on it. She started discussing why the use of descriptive adjectives was bad, and I've always said that text should be persuasive, descriptive, while remaining simple but interesting, so I was dubious. However when you end an article with the words "they’re as floppy as a gaggle of 98-lb weaklings", well need I say more? Read this, it's qulaity.

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Brand Testing - Only the Holes Taste the Same

Branding may have more to gain from online testing than any other branch of marketing. Matthew Roche explains in this article how testing with real customers actually increases the level of creative freedom. Nothing has to be shot down, because it can be tested, easily and without risk.

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Narratives Come Before Scenarios

Create plots that start with personas achieving their goals and end with businesses achieving their goals and you will improve conversion rates. Ok? Another great article from our friends at Future Now.

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Why are customers so indecisive?

Don't you just hate customers who can't make a decision? Abolish the hazard of your customer choosing to buy solely on price. This Sean D'Souza article describes how giving her a first class education about why she needs to buy from you will not leave her hanging without sufficient information.

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Test Your Web Site Design Plan in Advance

I'm going to introduce this article by simply repeating the first sentence of Linda's opening paragraph. "Many website owners make one very big and costly mistake. They wait until their website is live on the Internet to start the testing process." Test your designs. Need I say more?

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