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Test Your Web Site Design Plan in Advance

Many website owners make one very big and costly mistake. They wait until their website is live on the Internet to start the testing process. Don't make that mistake. You can test out your blueprint before you construct your website by simply using some free tools and your imagination.


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Narratives Come Before Scenarios

What's the best way to deliver a memorable, persuasive message? Tell a story. Don't believe me? How many copies did Who Moved My Cheese sell? Still remember Aesop's Fables? Look at the elements of a good story-characters, plot, conflict resolution-and you'll see many parallels with Persuasion Archit.....

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Brand Testing - Only the Holes Taste the Same

Branding may have more to gain from online testing than any other branch of marketing. Sure, some will claim that testing’s sweet spot is in offer or copy optimization. But branding will literally be set free by testing.

How? First, a quick story:

At the GEL Conference earli.....

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How Adjectives Can Kill Your Conversion Rate

The billboard featured a close-up of a large slice of steaming pizza. And the headline said: “Ooey Gooey Pizza.” A woman walking by (and this is a true story taken from a respected medical journal) read the billboard and then promptly lurched into some nearby bushes to throw up.

Now, grante.....

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Beyond guidelines: Advanced Accessibility Techniques

When creating accessible websites, most web developers and web managers tend to follow the W3C accessibility guidelines1. And rightly so - they are the most comprehensive accessibility resource on the Internet after all.

The W3C accessibility guidelines, or Web Content Accessibility Guideli.....

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