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Clients, Subscribers and former customers saying some nice things about us.

The following are some things that clients, former customers and subscribers have had to say about us.

"I have only had my site trial set up on IRIS for two days and I can already see more about what has been happening on my website than in 14 months with my previous traffic statistics package. You´ve got me as a customer for sure. Great work! Bravo!"

Michael J. Webb
Sales Performance Consultants, Inc.
Oak Park, IL

"Steve is one of the top web analysts in the world today. I think its been an incredible achievement for both of us to create such a good website without having ever met!"

Graham Stewart
Creative Di

I have found Aboavista (Steve) to be professional, quick to reply, and very, very gracious. We needed a web application developing and they spent that very weekend creating the demo for our client, saving me from looking foolish to them. A huge, huge thank you to you, Aboavista, for being so phenomenal.

Jessica Albon
Vice President
Sneads Ferry

"Scott, my coauthor, forwarded me your thorough, professional analysis of our site. I have no doubt that your feedback will dramatically accelerate our sales. Thank you so much for your time and consideration."

David Teten
The Virtual Handshake
Online Business Networks Inc

"Please allow me to deeply thank you for the tremendous report you created for us. Already I can see in my mind's eye the 'before and after' treatise and the overwhelming impact it will have. Your report was a huge eye-opener for me. It pinpointed precisely the areas that needed attention. Truly, I owe you a great deal for making my job so much easier. Just marvellous, worth ten times the price we paid."

Andrew Oscianko
Web Designer
Geelong, Vic.

"Excellent edition. It's always good to get a reminder about ways to improve especially one of such high quality. I feel excited when you talk about conversion and give practical examples"

Haidon Carter
Forest Gate
London, UK

"I have just read your book which I found to be frighteningly educational."

Peter Brown, CEO
AHI Technology Solutions

"You normally pay a fortune for the kind of advice offered freely here. Thanks for all your help."

Jeremy Boone
Carolina ADI
Charlotte, NC USA