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Case Study on Following Up

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One of the main reasons you're reading this piece is because of the most basic and fundamental truth in conversion. And the truth is: Customers buy when they're ready to buy. Not when you're ready to sell.
Here's a simple breakdown of two weeks. And how new members signed up with repeated mailings.

Mailing No.1: Direct Sales Email asking members to switch over: 45%
Mailing No.2: Announcement in newsletter: 25%
Mailing No.3: Direct Sales Email with Frequently Asked Questions: 15%
Mailing No.4: Announcement in newsletter: 15%

In less than two weeks, with 4 emails, over 17% of the existing list converted over to the new membership
in less than two weeks. This is despite a 400% increase in membership rates.

And no one unsubscribed. Or complained.

The key to understanding conversion is the concept of follow-up. If you play scaredy-cat and don't follow up with your clients, you're doing them a big disfavour. Clients are busy. And often go through a brain-exercise called mental digestion. Just like the way you digest your food, clients digest the concept of buying into something. They mull over it for a while before taking a decision. Your job is to give your clients enough opportunities to go from wishy-washy-maybes to a concrete YES.

And the only way you can do get across to a client is through a mixture of editorial and direct sales. Editorial increases the trust factor. Direct sales pushes the client to make a decision right away, without the distraction of editorial.

1) Plan out your sequence of follow ups. You don't have to have the copy ready quite yet. Just work out HOW you'll follow up and how often. It will take you exactly fifteen minutes to scribble a plan on paper.
2) Then stick to the plan. Will there be unsubscribes? Will your message be trashed? You bet it will be. However, remember there will also be buyers. Concentrate on the people who buy, and who complain, and don't worry about the unsubscribes. Follow this simple action plan and you'll get comprehensively better conversions in the future.
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Sean DAuthor: Sean D'Souza, CEO - PsychoTactics Ltd.

Sean D'Souza uses age-old psychology, marrying it to modern technology, on his Web site, Can "psychological tactics" make a difference? Go there and find out.