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Book Review - The Big Book Of KPI's by Eric Peterson

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Eric Peterson for those of you who don't know is one of the most respected names in the web analytics industry. The author of three books, this short review details what I think is good about his latest offering, the Big Book of KPI's.

KPI's are not the easiest subject to write about

I mean let's face it, writing a book about KPI's is not exactly the most inspiring subject matter. We're talking about how to use figures essentially to measure the relative success or failure of your website. And yet, Eric manages through his writing style to make the book informative but also interesting and in parts quite entertaining.

So what information
might you find useful?

  • Google Screenshots
    There are screenshots used throughout the book showing Eric's latest work with Google Analytics and how he's measured KPI's using the free system offered by Google. This practical approach in itself is useful and is one of the first books I've seen which shows how the system looks.
  • In depth KPI descriptions
    A total of 70 KPI's explained in depth, covering how to use them in retail website environments, content sites, marketing sites and support sites.
  • Who should use them
    Not only does he describe what the KPI's are used for he describes how each department might use KPI's. This is an important distinction as the CEO needs different figures than the marketer.
  • How to use KPI's
    Eric discusses how to integrate KPI's into your organisation, how to get people to care about the metrics, how to make the data simple to understand and offers general advice on how to show that you're talking about people, not numbers or data.

In summary

This book is a steal at $19.99. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about what they should be measuring online as well as how, who for and why. If you're in a large organisation it's a must have as Eric describes very well how to overcome some of the problems you will face getting your voice heard. If you're in a smaller business you will be able to implement the findings from this book quite easily.

The Big Book of KPI's is available from Eric's website. You can find out more about it from here;
The Big Book Of KPI's - By Eric Peterson

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