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Book Review ´ Call to action by Jeff and Bryan Eisenberg

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I´ve already referred this book to people as one of the best books I´ve ever read on the subject of website conversion and I´d like to take this opportunity to explain why and give the brothers Eisenberg a free plug in the process.

Simply put this book is too important to ignore if you´re serious about improving conversion rates or are interested in e-commerce. On general sale from the 9th of May for a massive $13.95 (yes you heard me right less than $15) this book discusses in great depth what is required from you as a web marketer.

What you get for your $13.95

We´ve been saying for a long time now h
ere at the Conversion Chronicles that website development done well, includes managing the 7 core disciplines. In no particular order they are, Usability, Graphic design, Copy & Content, Effective Online Marketing, Psychology, Web Analytics and Experimentation/Testing. This book covers every aspect.

Not only that there is loads more. Jeff and Bryan back up their persuasion architecture concept effectively by bringing in a multitude of industry experts. I counted them, 20 independent experts from all over the world have given over 100 conversion tips which you can apply directly to your website.

The book has a section on shopping cart abandonment with 20 practical tips to reduce abandonment rates as well as practical advice on writing good content, tips on scanning, skimming and a great section on web analytics and measurement.

But that´s not all

My personal favorites are the case studies, numerous before and after shots of website designs and layouts showing in great detail the way persuasion architecture has been implemented.

How to get yours

To get your copy (you may order it in before the 9th May) have a look at;

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Steve JacksonAuthor: Steve Jackson, Editor - Conversion Chronicles

Steve Jackson is the Editor of the Conversion Chronicles, a website conversion rate marketing newsletter dedicated to improving website conversion rates. In 2003 he co-founded Aboavista the first web analytics consultancy in Finland and now a wholly owned subsidiary of Satama Interactive. Satama Analytics unit is a web conversion and web analytics consultancy based in Finland with offices across northern europe. You can get a free copy of his e-book sent to you upon subscription to the Conversion Chronicles web site.