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Are You Maximising Web Site Visitor Conversion By Using Active Voice Copy Writing?

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As a website content writer are you spending enough time deciding on what your message is trying to achieve and what it is you're trying to get across? Is your content converting a desired number of people to your website goal?
Do you write your copy without thinking about whom you are talking too?

Let me introduce you to what is called in writing circles active voice copy writing.

Consider the two following sentences.

Sentence one:
"Subscribe and receive free access to our documents as well as a monthly newletter and useful advice about web conversion techniques to help improve website conversion."

Sentence two:
"When you s
ubscribe you get free access to all our documentation, you're sent a monthly newsletter and you get useful advice about web visitor conversion techniques which you can adapt to fit your own campaign."

The power of 'you' and 'your'.

See how these sentences are saying the same thing but the second with slightly different wording talks to the user actively? By using the power of 'you' and 'your' effectively you begin to sound as if you're talking to your reader. This is a critical component to effective web writing because it's directly addressing the reader. We have proved that writing in this way results in a better response.

Our tests have shown that from a landing page with normal descriptive witing and a landing page with active voice writing that drop off rate was lower. The test was simply to measure how many people over the period of one month clicked through to the next page on both occasions. The two texts were identical in content like the above sentences and are shown below.

Paragraph 1 (non active text).

Using the Just On Site´ philosophy we will help decide on goals and objectives whilst developing a persuasive architecture, with well written copy and content. Just On Site´ will improve the way business online is undertaken. There are four steps we take with our clients.

Paragraph 2 (active text).

Using the Just On Site´ philosophy we will help you decide on your goals and objectives whilst helping you to develop a persuasive architecture, with well written copy and content. Just On Site´ will improve the way you do business online. There are four steps you should consider.


Paragraph 1:
307 visitors 68 clicked the link (shown in italics here). Just over 22% of browsers were curious enough to find out more.

Paragraph 2:
258 visitors 127 clicked on the link.
Just over 49% of the browsers went onto the next page.

That test proved to us that by simply changing the way you write your content can have a drastic effect on the ability of your website to persuade your browser. Persuading your browsers to complete the actions you want them to take is critical in your overall strategy to improve your conversion rates.
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Steve JacksonAuthor: Steve Jackson, Editor - Conversion Chronicles

Steve Jackson is the Editor of the Conversion Chronicles, a website conversion rate marketing newsletter dedicated to improving website conversion rates. In 2003 he co-founded Aboavista the first web analytics consultancy in Finland and now a wholly owned subsidiary of Satama Interactive. Satama Analytics unit is a web conversion and web analytics consultancy based in Finland with offices across northern europe. You can get a free copy of his e-book sent to you upon subscription to the Conversion Chronicles web site.