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Are You Making Common Mistakes Which Affect Your Web Conversion Rate?

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Many websites make the same mistakes. It's very often the case to find websites which have a great deal of information on the first page of the site which are irrelevant to your browser.

Below we list some of the mistakes we've had to rectify so you can benefit from our experience.

Company news links

This is only useful if the website is an intranet used internally by many employees or designed to let the board of directors know how the company is doing. Why would a browser need to know what press releases have gone into print? Thousands of websites we visit and do reports for make this very specific error. We're not saying don't p
ost an news article, we're just saying put it somewhere which doesn't deflect the reader away from you. Like a news section on your website or an about us section. Never have this kind of content on your first page unless the goal is to inform your shareholders or directors what is going on!

No goal or lack of focus

The first page of your site is the most important page as it is the key persuasion page. If you have launched an email campaign with a special offer in it that special offer should have a prominent display on your pages.

What is it you want people to do?

The site should have a measurable set of goals and objectives and then be developed to meet these goals and objectives. Too often websites do not focus on what they are trying to get the browser to do but rather give a confused message and too much information to the browser.

What is the problem you solve for your browser?

Your browser isn't interested in the solution you can give he is interested in the problem you can solve. It's the Me, Me, Me syndrome all over again. Businesses love to talk about themselves but they should be focusing on the problem they can solve for their target group.

Who is your target?

A very common mistake is trying to sell your product or service to everyone on the planet. The opportunity might be everyone on the planet (though this is highly doubtful) but the goals and objectives you set should focus in on your best bet at doing business. Otherwise your message becomes unclear and too un-specific.
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Steve JacksonAuthor: Steve Jackson, Editor - Conversion Chronicles

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