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Are You Failing To Persuade Your Visitor Because Your Website Architecture Is Poor?

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Developing a site architecture is the organization of your buying and selling processes to persuade visitors to take the action you want them to take. When developing a website you must treat it like any other marketing process. If the goals of your website are clearly defined then you are on the right track but you must also be able to measure your success.

Architecture is that part of the sales process which you can measure with well designed tracking tools and should inform and persuade your customer.

An example of a successful real world architecture technique is visiting a supermarket. You may go into the store with the s
ole purpose of buying a liter of milk. By the time you have left you have your liter of milk but you also have biscuits, crisps, bread, soap, washing up liquid, cheese etc. etc. etc. Why is this? You only went in there for milk? It´s because the supermarket has carefully planned its architecture to put the items that are most popular right at the back of the supermarket as far as possible from the checkout. You then have to walk past the luxury items and things you might need in the next few days and so the sales process works, the extra items go into the basket.

On the web this idea can be reproduced, but in the opposite way to the way a supermarket works.

  • First you need to know who your audience is.

  • Then you need to write compelling and engaging content for them. That means that they will look through your supermarket window.

  • Next you need to entice them into your store (ie get their details) and to do that you need to prominently give them a reason to subscribe on all the pages of your site.

This is the necassary architecture to earn a prospect. To keep a prospect coming back you need to keep the direct marketing (the email newsletters, articles, solution guides, white papers, industry information) fresh and appealing and display these items prominently in your shop window.

Then sell your products when your audience trusts you to buy. Get the architecture right and the furniture placed and your web store is set-up nicely.
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Steve JacksonAuthor: Steve Jackson, Editor - Conversion Chronicles

Steve Jackson is the Editor of the Conversion Chronicles, a website conversion rate marketing newsletter dedicated to improving website conversion rates. In 2003 he co-founded Aboavista the first web analytics consultancy in Finland and now a wholly owned subsidiary of Satama Interactive. Satama Analytics unit is a web conversion and web analytics consultancy based in Finland with offices across northern europe. You can get a free copy of his e-book sent to you upon subscription to the Conversion Chronicles web site.